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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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afternoon here at childrens hospital at the request of a judge, today the judge ordered she can stay on life support for another week. >> this is a paper that stood between her and having life support pulled. >> the lawyer shows off a court order that will keep the teen on life support. >> without this, they could have pulled the plug. this keeps her alive until at laeft the 30th. that gives the family time to find alternate arrangements and for jahi to come back to life. >> this is family wants jahi moved to an extended care facility. her father ask stepfather were back in court a judge ordered an independent evaluation naming a pediatric neurologyist dr. fisher to determine if jahi's brain shows activity.
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>> we're looking forward to the review by dr. paul fisher. >> childrens hospital says it willwell comes a second opinion but maintains jahi is brain dead oochl we're very sorry about the complications that led to the death of jahi. we feel sympathy for the family. >> one doctor name dr. burn opposed dr. jack kevorian's use of assisted sue side. supporters marred around childrens hospita hospital.. her mother thanks everyone. iets hard for me now. right around now, i should be spending time getting ready to get her gifts together, wrapping and hiding from her so she won't find them. >> both sides in this difficult matter will be back in court
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christmas eve when some results could be presented. >> a major ruling in a land park pension case. parts of measure b are illegal saying san jess yeah cannot put pensions, however, cities can cut pay to makeup the difference. it calls for existing city employees to pay more into their pensions and plans. >> we've been saying measure b sill legal the judge found that the heart of measure b is illegal. >> i'm confident both sides will appeal decisions.
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parts were deemed legal >> part set a special meeting to appro approve amended labor contracts to meet on tentative agreements. the board usually waits to cast a vote but this time world will vote first >> and new safety rules, a december 18th fire was the second in two months today. this company announced changes. the plant will be staffed 24 hours per day allowing stit to inspect the plant at any time. >> this is a bittersweet night for fans. 49ers and falcons
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playing a final game at that historic park. end of the stick means goodbyes and for some, good riddance to the stadium known as the stick. we have team coverage tonight. we're going start outside with fans tonight. sergio? >> yes. just across the state and there is some have this tail gating down to a science, that spot has been occupied by the game group since 1980. they're just minutes from game start. that is candle stick park just a walk aconsiders the street. there
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brought chicken and befages this is the last time they will set up shop and cheer on their team in san francisco. it's bittersweet. >> just a beautiful day. my family is here. and we're just having a fantastic time. >> thanks for the memories. it's been g sad to see you go. >> there are a few hoping 49ers pull out a win to keep chances alive for another game played here. they're crossing their fingers and walking into the
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stadium. there is some chances but that is what they're hoping for. >> thank you very much. candle stick leaves behind more than a half century of memories. >> that is right. >> 43 years, five super bowls and energy is like it's never been. >> and it's going to be an mazing night. fans voted on a meft iconic play. i talked to dwight and he told me how nervous he was. >> makes my palms sweaty. yes.
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just into that spot it had to be. the way we've practiced it, he could not get it on the right spot. he puts it in the spot it has to be where i can get it and catch it. i've talked to everison about it. he says man, i just thought that was going out of bounds just fluttered down a little bit. perfect throw. >> let's straits administraten it out. the question is asked of me. what the comment eddie d said candle stick is a dump. i said it's our dump. we can like your little brother, you can kick his butt but nobody else can. this is our stadium. it
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might have a lot of holes, but we'll never let it go. >> pleasure to be your teammate, roommate. to see this shut down is going to be something we'll remember. >> you know, i love you man! you and freddy helped get me through first years in the pros. and that is a lot of it here on the field we'll have to go down there and kiss the grass goodbye. >> we both decided to the not to cry on air. it's appropriate this game and stadium closes down on monday night football for the nation to see. but have to continue again to start thinking about being here next
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week. mike shumann, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. >> you can see the interview on our web site just look under see it on see it on tv. >> this couple shared a kiss there and fell in love. they have five >> coming up a puppy found in the nick of time this, puppy with a waiting list of phone shall owners. >> also, sheriff deputy walked away after getting hit by two bullets. how it happened. >> and michael finney uncorking
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san francisco animal shelter being inundated with calls from people wanting to adopt a puppy found on a conveyor belt. no shortage of people that would like to give it a good home. >> there is so much interest that there are people waiting for the shelter to open. >> the cooks drove this morning to soon after they saw gem on
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the news. he letting workers know they want to adopt the puppy. gem found on a recycling belt and sparked national interest. it's hard to believe she survived the puppy was mixed in with construction debris, dumped and dropped on a conveyor belt. had to go through a shaker. workers saw gem under a plastic bag. >> i thought it was a stuffed animal. >> arthur stopped the line. employees calling it a miracle. gem just moments from entering the pit. >> so bloody. i just imagine
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everything he went through. shaker and loader through the rubble and all that stuff. and, oh, man. just broke my heart. >> great investigators are counting on the public for tips there are only theorys. >> next door neighbor dog attacked it? they got nervous and threw her away or... people could be abusing her, letting dogs attack her. >> animal control helping to put gem up for adoption. >> the federal government are giving americans one more day of shopping for enrolling from a health plan. that has been pushed back until tomorrow. but a deadline remains today. covered california says 20,000 people signed up every day.
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covered california starts on the first of the year. >> a close call for a fresno county sheriff deputy the deputy shot while responding to gunfire. the e.wasn't hurt the bullet was deflected by a knife. the shooters were aiming at trees >> no idea what they're shooting at. they're across the street. are >> have you to do it with due caution this, is not an area where it could be safe. >> that is lucky. >> if you're planning christmas dinner you may be serving
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turkey, maybe ham. which wine goes best? >> whatever they're serving i'm eating. michael finney teams up for answers. watch this. >> holiday celebrations and sipping wine go hanged in hand wrchlt do you start when shopping for wine? how much do you want to spend? the choices seem overwhelming but stay tuned the wine experts at consumer reports can help. >> are you looking for great wine to give as a gift during holidays? maybe trying to pick a wine to pair with a meal? blind tests a 40 different cabernets courts experts found choices at several price points the top-rated cabernet is this from napa valley but $25 you might want to save it for a
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gift. >> good news is that half wines cost $15 or less. >> that includes this best buy. an 11 bottle of cabernet from 14 hands. want a white? even top rated are reasonably priced this, spy valley took the top spot. tasters called it delicious and food friendly. spend only $12 for this villa marina, it's full flavored and worked well with grilled shrimp. >> if hosting for go well, serving mostly fish, you might want to consider one of these. >> you've got good choices
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if shopping for good and looking to order a glass and won't see one, it's usually a good got choose one from new zealand. can find more great wine buying advice on our web site. >> that is good information. >> most people are barred are burning food. air quality management district issued yet another spare the air alert. you can see why and from our camera you can barely see mount diablo. sometimes you wonder why it's a spare the air day.
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>> until your eyes start burning. >> yes. >> if people are having issues they need to spend less time outside. tomorrow is another one. it's going to be issued again for christmas day. >> there you go. >> if you're going to run out to do holiday shopping, weather looks good. check out high temperatures today. record 67 today. it's surpassing previous records. 63 san jose. 64 degrees in livermore but hazy. that is
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where visibility is mild. down to six miles because of the ground level pollution. you can see color there. tomorrow, looking at poor air quality so stagnant pattern. we need winds to stir things up it's 59 in san francisco. oakland. you're going feel the chill by morning. gorgeous view. sun going down, clear skies and chilly tonight. another spare
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the air alert sup. sunshine for christmas day. i know we need storms. high pressure with sunny skies, so enjoy to bunked el up. 66 in san jose. peninsula, mild day. 66 redwood city. 63 pacifica. downtown 64 degrees. temperatures above average at this time of the year. hazy sunshine. near 70 degrees there. mid-60s oakland. inland spots comfortable and
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degrees. accu-weather forecast more mild weather christmas day. santa going to have no problems whatsoever. fog and temperatures trending lower, and dry pattern goes on we may be closing on a dry note. >> thank you. >> have you heard about turning silicon valley into a state? coming up where a man thinks he can make this happen. >> we'll see. right? at 6:00 what you can make with a
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oof that is a nice surprise. it's huge ice sheets just crashing at the ground. and nobody was hurt. >> well, black ice and this boeing 737 ended up in a patch of grass and mud. take a look. no one on the plane was hurt. all got off safely. british jumbo jet slides on to the landing last night. one of
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the 200 people on board this flight was hurt but four workers did suffer injuries. authorities say the 737 pilot took the wrong taxi way too narrow to accommodate the plane. >> a separate california into six states. north california, central california, west california including los angeles and south california. >> six californias gives six diverse regions an opportunity to tailor governments, stay close to constituents. >> what you what do you think about that? tim draper says the area could be modelled after silicon valley companies allowing for more
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innovation. draper hopes to get an ish tiff in four years. >> we'll see. >> okay. >> mother daughter duo. >> it keeps me young. >> 95 years young. wow. coming up next, living proof you can
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 wayne freedman checks in live with special holiday memories the stadium holds for one woman. >> the lost art of tinkering.
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>> and michael finney going shopping for iphone accessories and will have you snapping pictures like a pro. >> check this out. >> this is a 95-year-old. she was cutting vegetables and prepping meals for project open hand. >> she's been so eager to help out she doesn't want her daughter to give her a ride there. >> i come when shift starts she says that is too late. she takes muni here. >> this is >> she says it keeps her young
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and happy. >> great. >> cute. >> thank you for what you're welcome to "world news." tonight the weather whiplash. just as millions hit the roads, the blast of bitter cold, the sheets of ice soaring. the family dog saved, and now comes late word of an avalanche. the retail rush. we show you how to get sale prices even lower, last minute bargaining that works even at the big name stores. watch what happens when our hidden cameras go in search for what authorities are now calling the superfakes. is there one wrapped under your tree? the christmas eve surprise, the space walk they weren't planning after the space suit worries, how the american astronaut knew there was trouble. made in america is back tonight, your one thing for christmas. barbara walters is in. what she picked that sent me on a journey. what's being served coast to coast, and you need a special


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